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Ash Florien is an artist-producer hailing from Southampton, UK, a self-engineered recording artist and a live performer. Born in Bangladesh but spending most of his youth in the South of England, from an early age Ash has spent time refining a unique style. Blending elements across a multitude of different genres, from orchestral soundtracks to chilled out hip hop, creating a sound that is familiar yet brand new.


This is all a testament to the years he’s spent experimenting as a musician, producing his first track at the age of 14. Ash describes his sound as an amalgamation of different elements, drawing influence from a multitude of genres, something which he likes to refer to as “a melting pot of sounds where genres come to die”. Catchy melodies, hard hitting bass lines, lo-fi textures and syncopated beats are all part of his signature style that makes his music so contagious and gives it that "can't get it out of your head factor".

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